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Discovering And Awakening Your Higher Self With Danny Morel

Updated: May 9

Many of us look at pain as something wrong or bad. But what if that pain is trying to teach us something? On today’s show, Liza Florida brings on Danny Morel. Danny is the Founder and CEO of Awakening Guide. Thankful for all the challenges he faced, Danny has dedicated his life to helping humanity awaken their life’s truest potential. Tune in to learn how to approach pain and uncover the hidden gift on the other side.


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Discovering And Awakening Your Higher Self With Danny Morel

Before I present my first guest to you, I would like to let you guys all know that this production was months in the making as the idea of Season 5D had come to fruition. However, this was a three-year spiritual journey for me and often a lifetime in the making. Before I present my first guest to you, what I want you guys to know is that the guests of the season are all a reflection of my spiritual journey as their messages, methodologies and modalities are here to help you find your highest purpose.

Without further ado, I would like to present my opening guest for Season 5D. He is the Founder and CEO of the Awakening Guide. Dedicated to helping humanity awaken their life's truest potential. He has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through his books, events, retreats and seminars. He empowers you to your awakening by showing you the roadmap he used to build and sell a $1 billion a year in sales business.

He lost over 40 pounds and created the life of his dreams. The foundations of his teachings are simple. Everything in a person's outer world, finances, health and relationships are a reflection of their inner world. He will guide you through healing internal fears and limiting beliefs that you have unknowingly been living with since childhood. He will lead you to reconnect with your life's truest potential, purpose and power. Everyone, please help me welcome Mr. Danny Morel to the show. Welcome, Danny. It is such a pleasure and honor to be here in this space with you.

I'm glad to be here as well. Let's have a great time.

The reason I came across you in August was I came across a real estate ad. I was at a crossroads for myself to either take my real estate business to the next level or follow a calling that was deep in my heart, which was a spiritual calling to deliver messages and present to people like yourself. I chose the route to follow this mission of mine that's deeply embedded in my soul.

I would get on certain lives and I would always say, “Danny, please answer my question. How do you know when it's time to either leave real estate or career that you are having to follow something that you feel deep within your soul?" It's true. Sometimes those answers don't get answered by people such as you or anywhere around the road because you always know the answers within.

On a global scale, there's a mass awakening of human souls that is going on. On the other hand, there are a lot of people around the world that are still in so much pain. What I wanted to know was you left a $1 billion a year business and you could have kept going. That was probably just scratching the surface. Is there more to life than what everyone is experiencing now?

There's a huge awakening happening in humanity right now. The answer is yes to that. We can see the evidence of that by more and more people talking about plant medicine, meditation, and the truth behind spirituality. For so many years, spirituality was thought of as religion. I need to go somewhere on a certain day to hear from somebody to teach me something about God and spirituality.

What I discovered and what many people are discovering is the opposite of what true spirituality is. True spirituality is a relationship with yourself. When you find a relationship with yourself, then that's when you truly find and discover a relationship with God. Even that word God, we can get into that a little bit later.

The second thing you said is while people are awakening, there are so many people in pain. That's called our journeys. I once was in pain as well. I probably was in pain even a few minutes ago. That's the evolution of life and the journey that we all are on. For many of us, we look at pain as something that is wrong or bad because our mind or the masculine wants to make everything either right or wrong, good or bad.

What I try to challenge people to do is to simply just be and understand what that pain is trying to teach you. That's what pain is here for. It is to try to teach us. If we can approach it from that perspective, then there is a gift on the other side of the pain. I don't even know that people are in pain. They are in a circumstance or a lesson that is trying to teach them something. Either they will learn that lesson or that pain will continue to come back until they grow out of that and no longer attract that circumstance.

There's a huge awakening happening in humanity right now.

Thank you for explaining that. That's very at a base level because it's very basic at this point that pain can be so many different things. It can be physical pain or emotional pain. That is a great base level of what you referenced to. What ended up doing was continuing to follow you and the messages that you had.

In November of 2021, I ended up signing for Awaken Your Higher Self. I did attend it in Denver and I'm part of the Tribe. That's why it was truly an honor to be able to have you as my opening guest. It is something that I'm deeply embedded in as I go through this journey with everyone that has either attended it or has been a part of your work. I have watched so many different podcasts and learned so much about you either through your Instagram or by watching some of your podcasts. Could you give the audience a basis of what your upbringing was?

My background is Ecuadorian, Colombian and Dominican. Growing up, I didn't realize this but I was born to a mom whose mom passed away when she was only thirteen days years old. If you think about that, my mom never got to feel maternal love or a mother’s love. I was also born to a father whose father disowned him. My father was basically missing the masculine and my mother was missing the feminine, and so I got all of that energy.

I was a mess but it was beautiful and it was absolutely perfect because I wouldn't be who I am now without that mess. Growing up, everything was fine until my parents got divorced. When they got divorced, I was about thirteen years old and we moved from New York to California. That's when I stopped and my childhood ended at about twelve right when that was happening because I instantly became the man of the house.

I was driving us around illegally at thirteen. I was taking my little brother to school and Little League Baseball. I was a dad by the age of thirteen years old. You could look at that as right, wrong or indifferent. It taught me a lot of responsibility and then at the same time, it also robbed me of my childhood. In my healing journey, I had to go back and understand everything that was happening and understand that it was perfect the way it was, but there was a lot of healing that needed to take place as a result.

The reason that I asked you to bring up your childhood is that I have listened to your 5 and 10 cents story about asking for lunch money. When I first heard that I cried. I was like, “I would be one of those people that would give you the 5 and 10 cents every day.”

I will bring that up real fast. When I was in junior high and when we moved to California, we were so poor that we were on welfare. My mom couldn't afford to give me lunch money. When you are on welfare, the city, the state, the government or whatever give you free lunch. You have to stand in the free lunch line. There were two lunch lines. There was the free lunch line and then there was like the lunch line where you buy your food. I looked at it back then as the cool kids and the not cool kids. The kids who had money and the kids who didn't have money. I would not stand in that free lunch line.

The choice became very evident to me. It was either I stood in the free lunch line or I starved or I came up with a way to get in the lunch line or I needed money for it. Even that was a gift because that's where my sales career began. I figured I needed to raise $1 and if I asked enough people for $0.05 and $0.10, I would eventually come up with $1. I started to ask everybody every day, “Do you have a nickel? Do you have a dime?” People would reject me or whatever, but I would get my dollar and I would go buy my cheeseburger and my soda.

I did that for all of junior high, which was a beautiful gift. That's what I want to try to teach people. Everything that they see and hold on to as pain or something that went wrong, if you flip it on the other side, you will find a gift. The gift for me in that circumstance was that I learned how to communicate and talk to people. I learned how to deal with rejections so much so that it doesn't bother me in any way, shape or form.

I have learned so much. You always have a set of questions in a podcast. If this is my opportunity to be authentic and vulnerable with at least the audience and with you, maybe this could help me out. That story gave me the courage to ask you to be on the show because everyone else that I had came to me.

EB S5 E57 Danny | Awakening Your Higher Self
Awakening Your Higher Self: True spirituality is a relationship with yourself. When you find relationship with yourself, that's when you truly find and discover relationship with God.

I put a call out on this Facebook guest collaboration. I was very clear about what 5D meant and that this is my mission. I had 60 applicants. It was great. That's why I'm saying that all of these people I interviewed were a reflection, but the one guest that I knew that could sum it all up and charge this season with so much power was you.

That was what I had to do. I was like, “I'm part of the Tribe. I'm going to circulate through you. I'm learning so much.” That's what I'm telling you guys, as much as I share with you so much deep spiritual work that I have done, it's an ongoing unraveling of deeper truth. Relationships became my huge rejection for so many years and that's what I'm working through. I'm attending Costa Rica so I am going to Costa Rica for that.

It has been an unraveling of rejection. I will call it rejection. That's what I would say was the story. It became the foundation for me to open up to who I am now. Even though those are the things that I'm trying to work through and I'm assuming so many other people out there are going through that as many relationships are going through so much right now, I particularly had a pattern in my life. I wanted to say thank you so much for the work that you do. You are transforming everyone's lives all across the world.

I appreciate that but and I truly want your audience to understand that I'm no different than anybody. When we truly heal and we truly awaken to what life is and what our potential is, what starts to happen is we are removing. It is what we are doing. For example, in your case, if you are having a tough time in relationships, what's happening is you are attracting the energy in a man that is a reflection of the energy that is within.

Jealousy doesn't attract confidence. Anger doesn't attract joy. It's the opposite. It's polar. The first step in all of this is to understand that if I'm attracting emotionally unavailable people, then what is it within me that needs or that is drawing in that emotional unavailability. There's something in me that is doing it. That's why the first step for all healing and all growth is accepting personal responsibility.

The outer world is a reflection or a creation of what's happening in the inner world. I don't think people understand that the work that we do is so important. When you come to awaken, you are not coming from me. You are coming for you. I'm going to show you based on the work that I have done how to connect with you.

I don't need you to think that I'm special. I need you to think and know that you are special. When you think and know that you are special, that's when you can start changing the world. As you start changing the world based on how you feel on the inside, you change your world. As a result of that, you change the world and then you free other people to be able to do the same thing.

You had the courage to go within and to do what most people don't do, and that is to go within to discover their highest self, to remove the barriers that are surrounding their minds and their hearts. I'm going to speak some truth. It is much easier to go somewhere, to hear someone, to read a book and tell you about spirituality. There's no work there because someone is telling you. True spirituality happens when you go out and you find the truth for yourself.

I wanted to share this with you too. In November 2021 when I signed up for Awaken Your Higher Self. For obvious reasons, I had decided to follow this path and this mission. One of the big things that I did have was I was earning income from real estate to support this mission. I had money programs. I was like, “How could you ask me to do such a big mission if I don't even have the funds to do this?”

All of a sudden, I was scrolling through and I had seen that you had completed San Diego and you were opening it up to Denver. I have a connection with my spirit guides. They were like, “Go to that.” I was like, “That’s perfect. Danny is going to have the answers.”

When you think and know that you're special, that's when you can start changing the world.

These whole three months' buildup was like, "I'm going to figure out how he is going to have some great answers while sitting at Awaken. I was in one of the meditation sessions and I was breathing deeply. I'm going to hold space for the collective because nothing was coming up. All of a sudden, I started bawling ten minutes into it.

Do you know what my guides told me? They were like, "You thought you came here to work on many programs, but we brought you here to work on relationships.” It made sense exactly what you were saying. They are all tied to each other. I was like, "You guys tricked me into bringing me here," but that was it. Everything all came together at Awaken. That's how I was so adamant about having you and bringing you in as the first guest because this could be a resource or a journey for someone to probably tap into. Since we are going live on yours, if anything, you do have Discover that's coming up.

Your guests may want to go to DannyMorel.com/discover. They could watch it. We are going to be playing it all the time. What we do at Discover is we do a little mini-Awaken. I will do a little teaching to help them understand what they are going to experience. We will then do a powerful combination of meditation and breathwork that I came up with.

To be perfectly honest with you and you don't know this but even at Awaken, I don't plan any of it. It just led. There's no rehearsing. I feel inauthentic if I were to do that. Even at that event, Discover, my team always asks me, “Do you have notes?” I go, “No. The notes will show up on the day of the event and it will all happen.” Many people are used to things being choreographed, rehearsed and planned, especially in spirituality. I don't want to be that, do that or be involved with that. I want real. I want from here to here.

For most of my shows other than this one, I winged it because I was like, “This is my opening guest.” For you, I have to put on a whole production. That's what I wanted to ask you, Danny, since you said I could ask you anything. When you went down to your spiritual journey, were a lot of those gifts that you have right now being able to stream through this something that you have as a spiritual gift because of your connection to your higher self and your guide? Has that always been something that has been within you since you were young?

The ability to communicate has always been with me since I was young. I want to preface that by saying, your ego might be listening to that and going, “There it is.” It’s because the ego always wants to keep you safe and keep you from growing. What happens is we see people that have a gift or whatever the case may be and then you go, “How come I don't have that one?” That causes separation.

All of us can communicate, and all of us can communicate in our own beautiful and powerful way. There might be some healing that needs to take place, but all of us can communicate. If not, all of us have a gift. We have not led hundreds of people through ceremonies, seminars, retreats, so forth and so on. What I have discovered is that even at Awaken, people start unlocking their spiritual gifts right then and there. Some people can see things, receive messages or whatever the case may be. My psychic ability is starting to become present. I never expected that. The cleaner your vessel is, the clearer the message becomes and the more that you can share.

I wanted to let the audience know that Danny covers it all between Awaken and then into the Tribe. Awaken would be the first point and if anything, Discover. That's going to be an hour and a half of a mini-Awaken. From there, he has Awaken in June 2022. It's all connected. It truly is healing from the source even down to health.

I struggled with this because even before I started my journey, I always wanted it all. I wanted to be very successful in the financial world. Back then, it was from ego. It was because I wanted to have a nice car, a nice suit, a great watch. I wanted people to respect, appreciate and love me for my outer world because that's what the world teaches you.

The world teaches you that in order for you to be loved, admired and respected, you need stuff. When you heal, you start to realize that the real reason you want money is to be free so that you can travel on your own terms and so that you can help other people. The way I like to say it is spiritual true financial abundance doesn't mean that more comes to you. It means that more comes through you. It means that you receive, and then you are able to bless other people from the blessings that you received.

EB S5 E57 Danny | Awakening Your Higher Self
Awakening Your Higher Self: Everyone sees pain as something that went wrong, but if you flip it on the other side, you will find a gift.

I always wanted to be financially abundant, but then I always wanted to be physically abundant. I always wanted to be in great shape. I wanted it to be flexible and energetic. Honest to God, I feel like I'm nineteen right now. That took work as well. That took unraveling as well. That took me dealing with my emotions and in many ways, me dealing with my connection with food and how I used food to mask some of my inner pain.

I want to be with the woman of my dreams and I will not settle for less. I want to feast at the banquet of the divine. That's what I want. That's why I could go out and be with all kinds of people but I keep my energy nice and clean. It will draw in and attract in what it needs to. I want to be a wonderful father. At the same time, it's important to me because true love and abundance mean that you don't carry in negative energy.

That's why my relationship with Claudia, who is my ex-wife, is so good as well. She's not only my sister. I love her more now than ever before, and people don't understand that. For people we are so conditioned to live in this box, and if it doesn't fit in this box that we are conditioned to live in, then how is it even happening? Love has no box. It has no barriers. Love simply is.

I even came and there is so much energy swirling right now. I'm torn in this show between talking on a deeper spiritual level or being at the base level. What's happening right now is a huge shift in energy fields. This is my perspective and my experience of it. There are the unlayering and shedding of so many things in the program that don't serve us, most especially those people that are going on that spiritual journey. It depends, like what you were saying, all of a sudden, you have more psychic gifts. It comes from the unraveling of all the work that you do and it comes probably through divine timing.

One of the things that I woke up to is it's all about your being. You keep saying it and I have always known it and many people say it. It is moment after moment. I realized in my whole life, probably the first 40 years of my life, that I was never present. I was always out there trying to figure out why was I the victim of this? Why was I the victim of that?

As I have gone down this deeply spiritual journey within, I understood it. I just opened my eyes and I was like, “I'm present. I'm loved. I'm everywhere.” Moment after moment, it doesn't matter what you do. You could be going to a gas station. If you are being loved, that is what matters the most in everything. It's these connections that you will have with everyone. They will become deeper and enriched. The universe will give you things and opportunities and moments to be that, and that's where you are. I believe that's a true thing. That's when everything starts to unlock. When you understand that you are everything, everything starts too.

You are coming to Costa Rica to journey with the medicine?

I am.

Remember what I told you. When you do that, the word believe will be replaced with the word no. The word believe is you see something that potentially could not be there. A lot of people believe in a lot of things that are false and harmful to them. They don't know that. It just happens to be the paradigm that they live in.

True courage means that you no longer want to believe. You want to know. When I would go to church, I was told to believe. Believing is safe. Believing is, “I'm here in my little box with my own little emotions.” If you want to get real, on the outside, I had it all. I had all of the money. I had a wonderful family. I had everything and yet deep inside, I was miserable. I was safe because I was told to believe. Believe is external.

All of us can communicate in our own beautiful and powerful way.

The one thing that believe doesn't cause you to do is it doesn't cause you to uncover, unravel or discover. Believe doesn't cause you to ask the tough questions that you maybe are afraid to ask because behind those tough questions comes a truth that you may not be ready to accept. When you were able to finally ask those questions, the whole ball game changes just like that.

Believe is no longer a part of your paradigm. You know because you went through the fire. You faced your fear and you discover that for yourself. The greatest thing that you can ever discover is who and what you really are, and who and what we really are. You can't discover that by believing. You got to go figure it out on your own.

It's so interesting that you say that because I felt an energetic tinge when I said believe and you caught it. Even coming here, I was like, “You've gone through this whole journey. You are everything.” It's so weird how I caught that too and then you brought it up.

I'm not special. This is available to everybody. You just got to be willing to put in the work and unravel. A friend of mine is in our program. We helped him quadruple his income. He's healthy and just the whole thing. I was in Houston and he took me to his house. He was excited. It was his first big purchase. He's an immigrant from Venezuela who came here and didn't even know how to speak the language. We have him making a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year. He will be a millionaire very soon.

As I was walking through the house, it was being constructed. I'm walking through the house and I got this feeling. I was like, “Why do I get this feeling that I could already see them in another house? I already see something different.” I didn't say anything. I shed a tear. I was so happy for them. I was so happy to see them as a family fulfilling their dreams. This was a few months ago.

The last time they were here hanging out with me. I was like, “What's going on with the house? Are you guys ready to move in?” He was like, “I have been meaning to tell you.” I was like, “What’s that?” He said, “Something wasn't settling right with me. I liked the house but it wasn't what I really wanted.” I sensed and I felt that energy. When I told him that, it was a confirmation for him. They had decided to cancel that deal.

We have all been told for so long what our limits are. We are told what our limits are because we are controllable in that way. Those limits are normally kept off by this energy of fear. You don't ever want to go past that limit because of what could happen. You are afraid of that, and then there comes a point in your life where you go, "Screw this. I can't live like this anymore. I want to find it out for myself.”

I know you are telling me to be afraid, but I will never discover it if I don't go figure it out by myself. When you do that, get ready for your world to be rocked. I can remember coming home and having borderline panic attacks because everything that I fought was true. All of a sudden, you start to realize that not only is it not true, you no longer want it or desire it. You then start asking yourself questions like, “What do I want and desire and what am I here for?” That's how deep it gets.

It's interesting that you say that because I feel like that has become my life ever since I returned back from Awaken in Denver. Awaken triggers it all. All of a sudden, there’s this fear of people entering your life. I'm like, “What am I supposed to do? There's fear that comes up and my guides are like, “Just surrender.” I'm constantly surrendering all the fear. Whether it's conscious or unconscious, it is all pulling up to the surface to be released.

That's what happens. You have to deal with it and face it so that it can go away.

EB S5 E57 Danny | Awakening Your Higher Self
Awakening Your Higher Self: We show people how to get in their best shape not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and with their relationships as well.

Even the little things that would probably bother me before. Now I’m like, ”Don't worry. Traffic, no problem.” I'm supposed to get there at the divine moment. It's supposed to be, “That's why I told you. If you are asking about your hair, I was like, “Don't worry. It's supposed to be exactly the way it's supposed to be.” We have to keep surrendering and the whole world opens up. It's been an absolutely beautiful journey to follow you on Instagram and to attend Awaken at Denver. I know that you have one coming up in June 2022 in Austin, in your hometown.

They aren't on sale yet. They are going to go on sale soon. We first want to take people to Discover. Help them to feel through it. Help them to understand the work that we do. I feel like once they feel and experience that, if they are ready for it, then we will invite them to Awaken.

There are so many things that I wanted to cover but, of course, we only have so much time. You open with me talking about Insight Tribe. Is that going to eventually be something that you guys are opening up to the general public?

The Tribe is our guidance platform. It's one thing to go to an event, but then how do you carry on that work throughout the course of the year? We opened up Tribe for people to register and 130 joined at the last Awaken. We won't be opening that up yet until before the next Awaken. If people want information on that, they can go to DannyMorel.com/tribe.

That's what I was going to say. Everything always leads to something. As I left Awaken and I was like, “I'm going on this full mission. I'm diving in.” It's so perfect because inside the container talks about everything that you could ever want. You are almost mimicking what you've taught everyone in real estate. Anyone out there in the audience, if you are still in real estate and you want an amazing coach, Danny, you are still coaching in real estate. You have leverage.

We are opening it up because real estate, insurance, mortgage, hairdressing or restaurant are just the vehicle. We are in the process of opening it up and that's what the Tribe does. It opens it up. If you want to become successful in business, health, life and relationships, join the Tribe.

That's what I want to tell you. It is perfect because as we are going through all of our stuff, you are on the ten-year vision. Maybe this is what I want to close out. What is your ten-year vision? You talked about it before but I want to share it with the audience.

First off, we have at our events 20,000 to 30,000 people flying in from all over the world ready to heal. I see people loving and hugging each other. I see us creating people that are financially free, that are conscious millionaires because they have healed the energy and the negative association that they have with money. I see them contributing back with that money to society to help other people who may not have money.

I see them helping animals. I see them helping to preserve mother Earth. I see them healthy. This is already happening. People dropping 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds. Getting off medications, eliminating disease, eliminating illnesses that the doctors told them were impossible to eliminate. We are already doing this. I see a healing sensor. I see one in Europe and one in Latin America where people can safely go, let their guard down, experience mother nature, experience plant medicine, and truly heal their hearts and souls.

I see 50 to 60 people per week flying in from all over the planet to our healing centers where they will get to experience what it feels like not only to heal internally, but physically by eating organic food and vegan food. I see us showing people how to exercise. I see us showing people how to get not only in their best shape physically but mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and with their relationships as well.

The greatest thing that you can ever discover is who and what you really are.

I see people attracting their soulmates and no longer attracting their mind mates because they have healed all the mental barriers that they have had and the barriers around their hearts. When you can do that, then you attract your soulmate. Your heart attracts whoever. You came into this lifetime to meet with them and be with and grow with them. I see us being the place where human beings come to when they are finally ready to discover themselves.

You already are doing all of that inside the Tribe. It's already here. I wanted to say thank you so much for being my opening guest for Season 5D. Danny, how can people find you if they would like to learn more?

Danny Morel on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn or DannyMorel.com.

Thank you, Danny, so much for being the opening guest for Season 5D. You will always have a platform here and a voice. As I said, I will be there. I will be one of your troops and warriors that will always be there to support you. It's an honor and pleasure to be a part of the beginning of the Tribe. I can't wait to see what life has to offer from here on out.

Thank you for having me.

Thank you, everyone, for tuning in to the Season 5D opening episode with Danny Morel. This season and this work are reflections of all the healing that has taken place in my life. As I was saying, all of the guests, the different messages, the methodologies, and the modalities that are here are offered for your highest growth. Thank you for tuning into this episode. We'll catch you on the next episode.

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EB S5 E57 Danny | Awakening Your Higher Self

The Founder and CEO of Awakening Guide dedicated to helping humanity awaken their life’s truest potential. He has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through his books, events, retreats and seminars.

He empowers you to your awakening by showing you the roadmap he used to build and sell a one-billion-dollar a year in sales business, lose over 40 pounds and create the life of his dreams.

The foundation of his teachings are simple…everything in a person’s outer world…finances, health and relationships are a reflection of their inner world.

He will guide you through healing internal fears and limiting beliefs that you have unknowingly been living with since childhood. He will lead you to reconnect with your life’s truest potential, purpose and power.

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